Ep 49: From a Quant Trading to Prime Protocol with ColtonListen now (38 min) | Prime Protocol is a cross-chain prime brokerage that allows users to borrow against the value of their entire portfolio of assets.
EP 48: Founder of EthDaily - A daily podcast covering the latest in EthereumListen now | What it takes to curate a daily podcast covering the latest in Ethereum
Ep 47: Barney - Vega Protocol - From Traditional Finance to Decentralized DerivativesListen now | From Traditional Finance to Vega Protocol with Barney - A Journey Through the Innovative and Dynamic World of Crypto
Greg Eusden - Founder of despark.ioListen now | From the Basketball Court to Blockchain: Greg's Journey to Launching dspark.io
Max Lyman - Founder of Solon LabsListen now | Are you curious about the crypto space? If so, you'll definitely want to check out the podcast I recently appeared on - Max Lyman of Solon…
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Sage - ReSci NetworkListen now (46 min) | Exploring the Intersection of Blockchain Technology and Economic Empowerment
Jack Calbi - From Spinal Cord Injury to Crypto PioneerListen now (30 min) | Exploring the Crypto Space Through Jack Calbi's Spinal Cord NFT Project
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