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Ep 56: CATSWILLEATYOU | Making art everyday for 17 years and counting

🎨 Discover Matts’ Path to Crypto: Matt delves into his journey into the crypto world, starting with Bitcoin trades via Cash App and stumbling into the NFT space. Hear how his initial skepticism turned into a golden opportunity!

🐱 The Origin of 'Cats Will Eat You': Find out the hilarious and unexpected backstory behind Matt's unique moniker. It's a tale that involves a graphic design instructor, a house cat, and a morbidly funny classroom moment!

🔗 17 Years of Daily Art - Preserved on Blockchain: Matt shares his impressive commitment to creating daily art for nearly two decades. Learn how he sees blockchain as a way to immortalize his vast collection and maintain his artistic legacy.

🖌️ The Struggle of an Artist in the Digital Age: Listen to Matt's experiences with various NFT platforms, the challenges of getting recognized, and his thoughts on the current state of the art and crypto community.

💡 Artistic Inspirations & Crypto Community Dynamics: Matt opens up about his influences, from Frida Kahlo to digital glitch artists, and discusses the ups and downs of navigating the crypto space, including dealing with scams and finding genuine connections.


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