Ep 58 - Greg Molinar | Co-Founder of StayBizze

From Barber to Blockchain Innovator listen to Greg's journey from cutting hair to cutting-edge NFTs and blockchain technology.

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🌿 Stay Bizzes’ mission: to reduce environmental impact through blockchain tech. A refreshing take on how digital innovation can lead to a greener planet.

💡 Quantum-Level Security Blockchain Partnership: Get a sneak peek into the future of secure digital interactions with Greg's discussion on partnering with SQE, a leap towards quantum-level security in blockchain technology.

🤝 Community and Opportunity: Greg shares his wholesome crypto stories of artists and individuals finding their place and prosperity within the NFT and crypto communities.

👀 What's Next for Stay Bizze: Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of their MVP and how they're integrating blockchain to revolutionize the way we do business cards.