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Ep 47: Barney - Vega Protocol - From Traditional Finance to Decentralized Derivatives

Ep 47: Barney - Vega Protocol - From Traditional Finance to Decentralized Derivatives

From Traditional Finance to Vega Protocol with Barney - A Journey Through the Innovative and Dynamic World of Crypto

Industry leader Barney Mannerings, the founder of Vega Protocol, shares his insights on the evolving cryptocurrency industry and his own journey. From investing in the Ethereum presale to starting decentralized finance projects, he offers great advice and wisdom from his own experience. With the recent FTX debacle highlighting the need for self-custody. Barney speaks about the need for regulation and the importance of creating a public good. He shares his optimism for the crypto industry in the future and the potential for the Vega Protocol to revolutionize digital money.

Crypto can be daunting, confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. Come join us at WholesomeCrypto and listen to our latest episode with Barney, a former capital markets financial services consultant who got into crypto and has been through the rollercoaster. He'll tell you why he was worried about traditional money, explain the potential of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and why we need a decentralized future. Hear what he has to say about the scams and pump-and-dumps, the bear market, liquidity protocols, and the philanthropic projects that are creating a public good. Tune in and learn why the crypto space needs a more democratic and open fundraising model, and why the art and technical communities have been incredibly welcoming. We'll also explore Vega Protocol, which is close to releasing their mainnet and offering incentives in terms of Vega tokens. Get your questions answered and explore the world of crypto with us!

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