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Greg Eusden - Founder of despark.io

Greg Eusden - Founder of despark.io

From the Basketball Court to Blockchain: Greg's Journey to Launching despark.io

Greg Eusden is a champion for the crypto and Web3 revolution. Greg was a math and physics major in college, and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He heard about Ethereum in summer 2017 while playing basketball with his friends. In summer 2020, Greg started to explore the tech behind crypto and realized the potential of international money transfer, programmable money, and decentralized ownership. This was when the idea of a new company began to form. We discussed the importance of contributing to the crypto community in order to understand it better, as well as Greg’s pet peeve in the crypto industry: the volume of scammers and dishonesty and when Greg had his eureka moment for despark.

Greg is the founder of a user research platform and user feedback platform for Web3 called despark.io. The platform helps companies run user interviews, usability testing, quantitative surveys, and focus groups to improve their products, test their marketing, and test their ideas.