Mar 8 • 45M

EP 48: Founder of EthDaily - A daily podcast covering the latest in Ethereum

What it takes to curate a daily podcast covering the latest in Ethereum

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EthDaily dives into the complex world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, providing listeners with an insightful and educational experience. From easy to understand explanations of the technology to advice on trading, investing, and creating a narrative without misinforming people, the EthDaily podcast is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to better understand the crypto space. With a commitment to maintaining integrity and documenting major events, EthDaily is helping to bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto worlds. Tune in to EthDaily for updates on crypto and blockchain news, trends, and tips.

Listen in on how the founder spends around 3-5 hours a day on EthDaily, not just creating content, but also learning about audio technology. This level of commitment is paying off as the podcast continues to gain in popularity and provides a unique perspective on the crypto world.