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Jonathan Mann - Song a Day World NFT

Jonathan Mann - Song a Day World NFT

The man who wrote a song a day for 12 years and is still going

Johnathan Mann - has been writing a song a day since January 1st, 2009 and is still going!

Jonathan started this journey before Bitcoins’ genesis block. So in this episode you’ll hear how it all started, how he gets his inspiration to write a song a day, how he got into crypto, and so much more.

Jonathan has been featured in many projects and you probably know his work already.

Coming up on December 31st , 2021 Johnathan will auction off 3,979 songs as NFTs. Then by owning an NFT song you’ll be eligible to be a member of the SongADAO. This is such an amazingly creative way of using the Ethereum network with NFTs and DAOs. Feel free to explore all his songs.

You're literally buying a snapshot of my creative life. - Jonathan Mann

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