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Ryan Li - Co-founder of CyberConnect

Ryan Li - Co-founder of CyberConnect

CyberConnect is a publicly accessible and decentralized social graph protocol that returns data ownership and utilities back to web 3 users

Ryan Li - Co-founder of CyberConnect shares in amazing story of entrepreneurship right out of university. He’s launched Lino & DLive which is one of the largest live streaming platforms in the United States, Turkey, and Brazil. The largest live streaming platform in the world built with blockchain technology with 10 million monthly active users. Which was acquired by BitTorrent in December 2019.

Now Ryan is working on CyberConnect - A decentralized social graph protocol built with IPFS and Ceramic. It creates a data standard, data storage infrastructure, and recommendation indexing system for social connections, providing a universal data layer for the next generation of dApps - GameFi, NFTs, DAOs - to plug in meaningful and context-specific social functions.