Apr 7 • 55M

Ep 50: From Finding Bugs in Protocols to Making Staking Effortless with StakeWise

The Stakewise team is preparing for Shanghai, a major event for Ethereum that will allow people to withdraw funds from Validators along with their new offering of StakeWise V3

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I personally use StakeWise and I couldn't be more excited to learn more about their story.

Join co-founders Dmitri and Kirill as they share their journey in the crypto space and building Stakewise, a staking protocol that allows users to earn rewards while maintaining liquidity. They discuss the importance of trust and security in attracting users to the protocol along with finding a critical bug that saved staking communities. We also discuss the upcoming Shanghai event and the impact it will have on the liquid staking market. Discover the exciting developments of Stakewise v3, their focus on community and advancing the mission of Ethereum, and their commitment to making staking accessible for everyone. Don't miss this fascinating conversation with the Stakewise team.

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